What is "The Cann?"




"The Cann" is an Inflatable Privacy Bathroom Shelter designed for Marine use. There is no other product like The Cann available anywhere! Thanks to this innovative new product, virtually almost every trailerable boat can now enjoy the luxury of having a private, sanitary, safe, convenient, and legal way, to answer nature's calls. The Cann takes absolutely no extra room in your boat, as it stores under an existing boat seat. It sets up and stores away in seconds, meaning a low hassle way to accomodate the guests in your boat, whether they wish to change into a swimsuit or use the restroom facilities. The boating industry has waiting far too long for a product like this, but it's finally here! Don't own a boat? "The Cann" can be used almost anywhere. Camping, concert events (no more lines to use unsanitary portable toilets), picnics, remote work sites, etc.

I love to fish! I try and go out on the lake at least once a week first thing in the morning right as the sun is rising. It seems as though just as the fish start to bite, "nature" decides to call. This always put a damper on the morning as I'd have to pack up and go to shore which could easily take an hour of my journey. The Cann allowed me to stay on the water and spend more time reeling in wide mouth bass!
- Ken from Florida